Testnet Goes BRRR

It’s finally time to show you what we’ve been building! Testnet is officially live: testnet.burrow.cash

Please take a look, and let us know how we can make it better in our newly created Discord!

Note: There is no Burrow token on testnet or mainnet. Please do not fall for scams!

Getting Started on Testnet

Follow these steps to get a fully-funded testnet account on https://wallet.testnet.near.org

Remember, Burrow is NOT yet available on mainnet, and anything claiming to be mainnet Burrow is a scam!

Steps to Follow

  1. Create a testnet NEAR wallet. You will receive 200 testnet NEAR

What to Try

We encourage you to experiment with the application as much as you’d like. At a minimum, we’d appreciate feedback on the following flows:

  1. Depositing assets

Providing Feedback

Let us know what you find by filling out this form: https://form.jotform.com/213264252262044

Then, come chat with us in the #feedback channel! We’ll invite those of you that are interested to the private #beta-testers group to get sneak peeks at all new releases

Wen Mainnet

Security come first in DeFi (hopefully). That being said, we are confident we can safely launch on mainnet very, very soon. If you’re interested in getting the earliest possible look at the IRL version, make sure you fill out the feedback form for testnet!

Ahead of a mainnet launch, we will be undergoing audits, code reviews from top NEAR ecosystem developers, and launching a formal bug bounty program.