Printer goes betaBRRR

To warm up the proverbial printer, we’re announcing betaBRRR, a very, very worthless test token for the public beta release!

betaBRRR will be distributed to users that borrow any of the six listed tokens.

Important: If you are already borrowing tokens on Burrow, you will either need to repay or borrow a small amount of tokens after the betaBRRR launch in order to earn betaBRRR.

Prior to the full mainnet launch of Burrow, we will remove this requirement.

Testing Quest #2

As part of our next testing quest, users that try out the betaBRRR functionality within the next week will be eligible to receive 5 NEAR.

If more than 100 users try betaBRRR, the first 100 users that receive at least 100 betaBRRR tokens and tweet a screenshot of their betaBRRR balance to @burrowcash will be eligible.

Note: The 5 NEAR is awarded for helping us test this feature. Users will receive nothing for their betaBRRR, as the token has no use or value.

Wen betaBRRR

betaBRRR will go live tomorrow by 9am PST.

All users that borrow tokens after the launch will start accumulating betaBRRR.

The token distribution will likely continue for some time, as it will be used to test future functionality for Burrow, and the token is entirely useless, so the actual distribution scheme has not been limited.


If you have feedback from testing betaBRRR, please let us know on Discord or Twitter!




Supply and borrow interest-bearing assets (stETH, stNEAR, aUSDC) on NEAR

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Supply and borrow interest-bearing assets (stETH, stNEAR, aUSDC) on NEAR

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