How to Redeem Your Mr. BRRR NFT (or HODL for VIP perks)

2 min readJun 6, 2022


1 Mr. BRRR = 100 $BRRR

Prior to Burrow’s mainnet, Mr. BRRR NFTs created by the Mr. Brown team were launched, promising a phase value of 100 $BRRR to be claimed after the end of the pre-mining period.

After successfully selling out all 140 editions, Mr. BRRR NFTs have gained quite the cult following in the community, with the floor going over 5x its mint price at its peak.

Now that the $BRRR pre-mining period is over, we are now giving the chance for holders to redeem their NFT vouchers for 100 $BRRR, just as promised.

How to Redeem Your Mr. BRRR NFT

  1. Send your Mr. BRRR NFT to the Burrow DAO (burrow.sputnik-dao.near). You can do this on Paras or the NEAR wallet.
  2. Once the DAO confirms receiving the NFT, the council will create a proposal to transfer 100 $BRR to the wallet from which you sent the NFT.
  3. Done! If you encounter any problems, just DM us on Twitter, or leave a complaint in our Discord.
  4. Redeeming period will last until December 31st, 2022!

What if I like my Mr. BRRR and don’t want to redeem it?

To HODL or cash out — that is the question.

Good news if you are going to diamond hands the Mr. BRRR NFT forever: we are planning some fun VIP perks for Mr. BRRR holders in the near future. That’s right, this is not the last you’ll see of Mr. BRRR.

First of all, you can join the #verified-hog-club on our Discord and get early access to alpha, especially about holder benefits.

Second of all, you can expect some fun VIP perks for Mr. BRRR holders. We are a tight-knit group of Burrow OGs with similar taste in art. What if we sent out printed posters of Mr. BRRR to lucky holders? What if we held a party together in NEARcon and the ticket was your Mr. BRRR NFT? 👀

Got any other ideas? Join the verified h.O.G club on Discord and let us know!

In the meanwhile, keep burrowing, hogs!

Join the Burrow Hog Squad

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