Burrow is Live on Mainnet! Read this FAQ to Get Started

Get to Know Burrow

Q. What is Burrow?

Q. How do I get started?

  1. Supply: deposit assets and earn interest
  2. Borrow: use your deposited assets as collateral to borrow more assets
  3. Stake (coming soon): stake your BRRR tokens and receive xBRRR tokens to enable voting rights and boosted rewards

Q. Which assets can I supply and borrow on Burrow?

How Does Burrow Work?

Q. How much does it cost to use Burrow?

Q. Does Burrow charge a fee?

Q. How are interest rates set on Burrow?

Q. How often is the interest rate charged?


Q. What is BRRR?

Q. Does Burrow have a staking feature? What is xBRRR?

Q. What is Burrow’s tokenomics like?

Q. Will there be an IDO for BRRR?

Burrow on NEAR

Q. What is wNEAR? Is it different from NEAR?

Click on the wrap/unwrap function on the upper right corner

Q. What is the difference between NEAR and stNEAR?

Q. Are the Ethereum assets listed on Burrow the same tokens as on Ethereum?


Q. Has Burrow been audited?

Q. Which oracle does Burrow use?

User Support

Q. What if I already provided liquidity in Burrow beta? Will it be moved to Burrow mainnet?

Q. I started providing liquidity but I do not see any rewards or APR. When will BRRR rewards for supplying assets go live?

Q. Where can I read more about Burrow? Can I see the code?


Q. Who controls the Burrow protocol?

Q. Can I get involved with Burrow governance?

Become a Burrow Hog



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